Andy Murry Come Back In Wimbledon 2018

Andy Murry Come Back in Wimbledon 2018

Andy Murry Come Back In Wimbledon 2018


Andy Murray returns for Wimbledon Championship 2018 a year after his Hip Injury

Andy Murray, 2-time champion, earlier regarded as No. 1, British professional tennis player from Scotland, will be playing in the 1st round of Wimbledon Championship 2018 on 3rd July 2018, Tuesday competing Frenchman Benoit Paire, French professional tennis player, after 1 year of his hip injury.

Dating back to the French Open people came to terms with Andy Murray’s hipbone injury and later in the Wimbledon Championship 2017 Quarter-Final match, he was visibly seen limping and grimacing in pain. After which he had to take a 1-year long break from tennis playing and matches for the sake of his hip bone surgery, missing the US Open and Australia Open Tennis Matches. Since Andy Murray refused to opt for being among the list of Wimbledon Championship players who are now noted in the Wimbledon’s history as remarkable players who are now unable to play due to their hip injuries.

Hip injuries are common in elite tennis players. Medically, this may be because of the extreme movements and intense pressure during practice and games on the bone itself, joints and the surrounding tissues causing sports hernias, labral tears, adductor strains and hip flexor strains, etc. However, in case of Andy Murray the hip pain was hard to catch, the actual problem went undiagnosed that what caused the hip pain. He mentioned that he had this problem for quite some time but with time, it got more painful, noticeable and worse.

Previously, on 6th September 2017, Andy Murray updated a Facebook status mentioning about his hip injury; “Unfortunately, I won't be able to compete in the upcoming events in Beijing and Shanghai, and most likely, the final two events to finish the season in Vienna and Paris due to my hip injury which has been bothering me the last few months.”

By the end of last year, December 2017 and earlier this year in January 2018, Andy Murray had his hipbone surgery and a groin surgery after which he did not clearly mention whether if he was to return for this year’s championship. Though he had optimistic views and showed hopes to return to playing Wimbledon after his successful surgery followed by rehabilitation.

In January 2018, after his hipbone surgery, Andy Murray mentioned;“Moving forward I'll certainly be playing a reduced schedule, and then focusing more on trying to win major events and big tournaments rather than trying to achieve certain ranking goals.”

Since, this year participating in Wimbledon Championship 2018, Andy Murray mentioned while practicing Wimbledon on Friday, saying; “I feel all right, not much different to a couple of days ago, I will see how the next couple of days ago. I'm playing sets on Saturday, but most likely I'll be playing. I need to play it a little bit by ear, I can't predict how I will feel in two days. If I feel like I do today in a couple of days then I'll be playing.”

It is quite notable that despite his hipbone injury and excruciating pain Andy Murray managed to reach the Wimbledon Championship Quarter-Finals in 2017. Keeping a legacy of reaching Quarter Finals every year he plays, he did so in the Wimbledon Championship 2017 in spite of calling off from the match, he kept going. With his notable history of high performance and legacies, he continues to carry on, Wimbledon fans specifically the Scottish Wimbledon fans are very optimistic and have high hopes about his performance this year in Wimbledon Championship 2018.